5 Must Have Tools For a Busy Bride



Planning a wedding can be hectic, from finding the right dress to choosing a venue to selecting a menu to finding the perfect music for the reception. A seemingly endless assortment of details must be organized in order to ensure that the day is as special as possible and goes smoothly. Once she is aware of all of the factors involved in planning the perfect wedding, a bride can easily become overwhelmed.

Fortunately, modern brides have plenty of modern tools available to them that would make their forebears green with envy. Exploring some of these tools can help a bride choose the ones that best fit her needs. By utilizing the latest and most useful sites and apps, a bride can quickly make the transition from anxious and overwhelmed to calm and organized.

The Knot.com and App

The Knot can help a busy bride plan everything, from the style of wedding dress she wants to the venue at which the event will be held. Brides can go to the site itself, which offers an array of information worth exploring, even before she and her beau have picked a date. A bride can find an impressive variety of wedding ideas at theknot.com, including ideas for wedding favors, floral arrangements, the reception, and options for brides with limited funds. Any detail that a bride might imagine is likely to be covered at the Knot.com.

Another major benefit of using the Knot is its handy app for iPhone. A bride can use this app to connect to florists, photographers, and other vendors. The Knot’s app offers a dashboard for optimal ease of use that will help make sure the bride’s special day goes smoothly.


Evernote can be used for much more than wedding planning, but any person planning a wedding will find this tool to be invaluable. According to Little City Adventures blogger Abby Barstow, Evernote can be used on a variety of devices, so it can be accessed from almost anywhere. With the Evernote app, a bride can create a checklist, a guest list, a list of music ideas, and monthly tasks to prepare for the event. She can use the app to devise a seating plan for the reception, keep track of RSVPs, and organize a wedding budget. The app can also help a bride and groom plan the details of their honeymoon. And because the Evernote app is available for both iOS and Android in addition to both Windows and Mac desktop computers, the lucky bride can tackle all of those important tasks on the go, or even while she gets her hair done.

Wedding Planner for iPad

As the Australian Academy of Wedding Event Planning Blog contributor Erica Wheadon mentions in an article on the blog, Wedding Planner for iPad is a pretty invaluable toolfor people who use an iPad or other Apple products. This app offers wedding planners a scheduling feature that can be modified as often as necessary. The app also enables a bride to change seating arrangements when needed, and she can communicate with vendors about changes that may affect them.

Cozi Website and App

Cozi is another combination of online site and app that could be the perfect tool for a bride. The app can be downloaded on several devices, including Android and iOS mobile devices. The bride and groom can share their task lists with each other so they don’t duplicate tasks inadvertently. Any checklist related to the wedding can be created with this app, from guest lists to vendor lists to daily countdown lists for the weeks prior to the event. Plus, both bride and groom can get a head start on their packing lists for the honeymoon!

Ustream During the Event
One tool that can be used during the wedding and the reception is Ustream. This video platform allows people to stream their special events on a live stream hosted online. This means that people who are unable to attend the wedding can watch it via live video. The GrandView suggests contacting the venue beforehand to ensure that they will be prepared to accommodate any and all media needs the wedding party may have. Loved ones who cannot attend the event due to illness or injury, work responsibilities, lack of travel funds, or any other reason can still participate from virtually anywhere.

Planning a wedding takes time and patience, but the end result can be an amazing experience. Modern brides do not need to suffer from the stress caused by disorganization. A variety of tools can assist people in planning their dream weddings beautifully.