5 Basic Questions to ask about pay per call network


Pay per call is new form of digital advertising and marketing strategy and we have found lots of questions asked on social media and forums. So, we thought of sharing the five basic questions about the pay per call networks. In this post, we are going to talk about those questions and we’ll share the details about it.

Let’s start and see those basic questions and try to clear the doubts here-

#1 What is a pay per call?

Pay per call is where the customer sees the phone number on the advertisement and make the call to the advertisers.

This is a bit different from the existing and traditional form of advertisement. Earlier whenever some click on your ad or fill the certain form, being an advertiser, you had to pay for it. But the conversion for this kind of advertisement is very less and goes around 2%.

But in pay per call-based advertisement, you don’t have to pay for the click or for filling the form. Here the advertiser will basically make some display based and on it, a tracking number will be displayed. Now the customer will see that number and will make the call.

And now the advertiser need to pay for only the calls made to the tracking number. Also, then using the tracking number you will be able to track that calls easily and get the insights. To get started with the pay per call, you can collaborate with the pay per call networks and get started easily.

#2 What are the benefits to the advertisers?

Here are some of the benefits to the advertisers-

  • You don’t have to pay for the click or form filling.
  • You only have to pay for the calls being made to the tracking number.
  • Conversion rate with pay per call campaigns is very high compared to the PPC or any other traditional advertising system.
  • Although the lead is costly here but as the conversion is high and so the profit is more compared to the other system.

#3 What are the benefits for the publishers?

Here are some of the top benefits of the pay per call-based advertising for publishers:

  • If you have a good quality of traffic, you will earn much more than you earn from Google AdSense and any other form of advertisement.
  • You don’t have to add tens of ad on your website and a single banner will serve the purpose.
  • This kind of advertisement may not work great for the generic or entertainment-based traffic but will work great for the quality traffic
  • The payout is quite higher than any other form of ads

#4 Which niche works great for the pay per call?

Although you can use pay per call ads with any niche of the business, but it works great with the niches like EDU, home services, insurance, travel, legal service and financial service. Basically, we can say that it works great for that niche where the ticket value and profit are high.

#5 How to track the leads?

For that companies use pay per call tracking software like Ringba and all the tracking is getting done from the software. It also helps you enable reporting and analytics.


These were the five common and frequently asked questions about pay per call. Hope you got some idea about it. If you have any other question, you may comment here. Niche selection here is an important factor and you should choose in carefully.