5 Amazing Advancements In Medical Technology


stethoscope on a keyboard in cool blue

It’s an amazing day and age that we live in right now, even if it’s so familiar to us that we don’t often step back and realize it. But especially with something like medical technology, humanity is getting to the point where we’re beginning to honestly be able to resemble episodes of Star Trek!

Pop culture references aside, for people who haven’t already become aware of some of the recent advances in medical technology that are making people around the world healthier and safer, consider some of the categories where major breakthroughs are being made, including 3D visualization devices, 3D printers, nanotechnology, cancer treatments, and blood testing equipment.

3D Visualization Devices

When doctors operate on people, they’re operating on three dimensional beings. In the past, they had to do their best with 2D visualizations, whenever there was any kind of a scope involved. But, by using new 3D visualization technology scopes, surgery can be done more accurately, precisely, and safely than ever. And the better this tech gets, the more successful operations are going to be all across the board.

3D Printers

And it’s absolutely amazing that engineers are working on 3D printing human organs. This can solve so many of the problems associated with organ donation and surgeries that the possibilities are breathtaking. Think of not having to worry about exact donors, storage costs, tissue damage, or any of those things when you or your family have a situation where   an organ transplant is needed. It’s still very much in the experimental stage, but in the next several years, there will be more and more success stories coming through the medical technology grapevine.


Nanotechnology is a fascinating development when it comes to medical technology as well. Methods are being developed to have little nanobots deliver medicine to certain parts of the body on almost a microscopic level. This can take care of so many of the adverse side effects from having to over treat or under treat certain conditions because of the lack of precision.

Cancer Treatments

Cancer treatment technology is on the advance as well. Because more of the human body and its processes are being understood, the way to handle symptoms is improving. In addition, early diagnosis makes a huge difference in the fight, so technology has been improving the medical industry’s ability on that front as well.

Blood Testing Equipment

And lastly, it wasn’t all that long ago that blood testing was difficult, painful, and often inexact when it came to many different kinds of tests. With new technology, less painful techniques are more accurate, and results are quicker to obtain, even on an individual level for people with diabetes, for instance.