4 Ways That Technology Can Lead You to Adventure


In a world where our lives have become increasingly sedentary, and physical health and wellness has steadily deteriorated for many, we need an antidote. And what’s the best solution for too much inactivity and boredom? Adventure, of course!

Luckily, the same technologies have led us to a state of inadequate health and too much boredom are also providing some avenues to escape these conditions and find our next adventure. Here are four ways that technology can do this for you.

1. Geocaching

Geocaching was born with the advent of global positioning systems, which made this activity delightfully possible in its earliest form. With the popularity of smartphones and other GPS-enabled devices, however, the sport of geocaching has become quite easy, and so millions of people are now enjoying the sport.

It’s a form of scavenger hunt with unexpected rewards, and it just might get you in an adventurous spirit.

2. Get social

Twenty years ago, a group of friends might gather at a coffee shop or restaurant and discuss what their next adventure should be. Now, however, people are so much more busy, yet also connected via social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

It only makes sense, therefore, to post a social media query that asks “What should our next adventure be?” You’ll be entertained by the answers, and possibly get some ideas that will bridge the increasing disconnect of connective technologies.

In other words, you can use your handy technology to reconnect with people offline, and have some fun!

3. Shopping

Shopping has been a common reason to venture into the real world. Now more than ever, smartphone scanners make shopping more easy, tactical, and fun.

If you see an enticing product and wonder what it costs on Amazon or in other retail outlets, you can simply scan the UPC code with your phone. It’s fascinating to compare the variations in retail prices, and exciting to find the occasional offline deal that’s better than anything you can find on the web.

4. Hobby-specific travel

Thanks to all sorts of innovations in travel services and mapping technologies, it’s become quite normal for travel sites and guides to emerge with a focus on the specific outdoor activities you love to do.

It might be the notion of hunting in New Zealand that leads you to a site that specializes in adventures in Kiwi hunting, or it might be something as simple as a farmers market finder in your favorite beach town.

The possibilities have become endless!