4 Ways Technology Has Made Your Morning Routine Easier


Getting out of bed in the morning is never an enjoyable task. Not only do you have to leave those cozy blankets, but you have to begin getting ready for that dirty four-letter word: work. While some individuals routines are a as simple as “roll out of bed and go,” the average American is a bit more complex. If you have gotten your morning routine down to a quick hour, you may have been benefitting from technology’s contributions. Included here are a few ways that technological advances have made mornings easier.

Electric Shavers

For men with no shortage of facial hair, staying clean shaven for an office job can be a chore in itself. Bleary-eyed, tired individuals can hardly be trusted not to nick themselves with their razors early in the morning. In recent years, electric shavers have become quite advanced and can save you a lot of time in the bathroom and reduce the likelihood of a 5 o’clock shadow.



Automated Coffee Pots

Waking up to the smell of coffee is likely the best way to start the day; improved only by the accompaniment of sizzling bacon. Fortunately, technology has found a way to integrate self-starters and timers in coffee pots to allow them to brew of their own volition. No more measuring grounds at 5 am! You can simply fill your pot with water, add grounds and set the timer to brew just before you wake.

If you are not the best at planning ahead, technology has looked out for you as well with single-serve coffee cup brewers. Keurig brewers have risen to wild popularity in recent years, due to the speed with which they brew single serve beverages from small plastic cups. However, the disadvantages of Keurigs are many due to the high-cost, high plastic waste and health concerns regarding recurrent mold.

Smart Phone Alarms

If you are one of million Americans who have difficulty getting out of bed each day, you may recognize the importance of your alarm. For those prone to hitting the snooze button, smart phones have offered a way out. With the option to set multiple alarms at a variety of different times, including the final “must-get-up” time, you should have no problem getting out of bed in time for the day!

Microwavable Breakfasts

Health experts have been saying for years that breakfast is the most important meal of the day: something about getting your metabolism going at an early hour! However, with the hectic schedules of most Americans, breakfast was an impossible feat before the advent of speedy microwavable breakfasts. While the nutritional value of most microwavable breakfasts is dubious, you are at least heading off to work with a full belly!