4 Ways To Manage A Technology Addiction


Chances are, by the time the morning is over, most Americans have checked their email, their Facebook and Twitter feed, and sent a few text messages.  Technology is everywhere, and so is addiction.  The prevalence of technology addiction is clear.

A vast majority of the world’s population owns more than one mobile device, more than one television, and several other tech gadgets that make the days a bit easier to navigate the day’s tasks, making it easy to see why there are so many people struggling to tear themselves away from the screen.

Take a moment to read through this short overview, highlighting some of the most effective ways to manage a raging technology addiction.

Minimize the idle moments of the day

Idle moments in a world full of fun tech gadgets typically leads to picking up a mobile device.  Eliminating a portion of those idle moments throughout the day can help break the unforgiving cycle of boredom scrolling.

Try going for a walk or writing in a journal to occupy those stale moments throughout the day.  Utilize the idle time for more constructive activities, and the urge to grab the nearest cell phone will fade quickly.

Use technology to stay away from technology

There are a few apps available that will track just how much a person is using their phone.  The app tracks how many times a person has unlocked and accessed their phone each day, and will warn users if they are surpassing their own “self-imposed” media usage limits.

Often, people simply are not aware of just how often they are getting stuck in their phones or video games.  A little self awareness can be helpful in breaking the undying urge to click, tap, or browse through the internet’s endless web.

Do not simply rely on willpower to break the habit

Sometimes willpower simply is not strong enough to break the cycle.  Turning off all devices seems like the easiest way to fix the issue, but like many things, it is much easier said than done.  Our lives are far more integrated with technology than we realize.

We are reliant upon technology.  Like an eating disorder, a tech addiction asks the users to abstain from using something that is necessary for survival.

Unplug from the world every evening

Though most of us cannot unplug from the world completely and maintain living the lifestyle we are accustomed to living, it does help to unplug in the evenings.  It has been scientifically proven that the blue LED lights on many modern day electronics keeps us awake or waking up more often than we would if we just unplugged.

People who use their devices for work should move the charging ports into a non-sleeping room.  Out of sight means out of mind.