4 Ways FedEx Is Using Technology To Succeed



FedEx has definitely done a good job of putting their stamp of business success on the shipping world, and it’s fascinating to see how the company has used technology to help it do this. Particularly in the current complex world, physical shipping and the information required to do it efficiently is a complicated task, yet a few companies have managed to figure out the riddle.

To help understand some of the ways that this has happened, considered the case of FedEx with regard to the fact that they contract their routes out, they use an algorithm for shipping efficiency, they maintain direct communication with potential employees, and they’ve created a flexible tracking system over the years.

Contracting Out Routes

One way FedEx is being smart about technology is by contracting out contracting out delivery routes. By having a system set up where local contractors can make local deliveries, everyone wins. FedEx keeps the main warehouses and employees people to work there, and then private contractors determine the size and scope of the necessary equipment further down the line to make sure that all of the packages get delivered accordingly. Based on statistics and analysis, it’s been proven as a great way to do business.

Using the Best Math

It’s amazing how much of delivery services can be helped by the use of math. Even decisions that seem illogical when it comes to human perception can be proven to be extremely effective, and companies like FedEx have used the best analytic styles possible in order to make those metrics work for them, which in turn makes those metrics work for you, the consumer, and all of your delivery needs.

Connecting With Prospective Employees

Another way FedEx is using tech to help its bottom line is by finding ways to connect with potential employees. Services like LinkedIn and the typical resume format are great, but searchable online ways to meet the needs of both employers and employees are going to be much more efficient and useful when it comes down to it.

Creating Flexible Tracking Systems

FedEx is all about innovation, and one particular piece of technology that they’ve really worked hard to create is a way to implement a flexible tracking sysyem.¬†Though the scope of that concept is well beyond the reaches of a small essay, it’s very interesting to note that efficiency with analytics as gotten so good that companies can use pure data to create systems that operate on an almost perfectly even keel.

Ultimately, the use of technology is going to make or break most companies as they move into the future, so it’s important to keep on top of each new progression that computing is making in terms of processing power and analytic ability.