4 Tech Tips To Apply At Your Retail Business

Business Tech for Small Businesses

Business Tech for Small Businesses
The world of retail can often be a difficult one to succeed in. There are so many shops and so many products out there. At every corner something is being advertised. People’s social media feeds are even constantly bombarded with retail ads. It can be hard for consumers to sift through all of this, and equally hard for retail business owners to stand out and succeed the way they’d like to. Luckily, technology is here to help. Here are 4 tech tips you should try applying to your retail business.

Add An ATM

Buying an ATM and adding it to your business is a great way to get potential customers in the door who may not have otherwise known you were there. Once your ATM is up and running, make sure all of the local businesses nearby know that you have it so that they can send people to you if they are looking for an ATM. You can even add a sign to your front window to let people know there is an ATM inside.

Offer Apple Pay

Many people are so used to businesses offering multiple ways to pay – including card-less technologies such as Apple Pay – that they don’t even bring their wallets when they go to shop somewhere. Offering Apple Pay is an added layer of convenience for your customers that they will appreciate, and it may help you to generate more sales/profits.

Have A Charging Station

Offering free phone charging for common smartphones such as iPhones has become popular for businesses such as airports, bars, and restaurants to provide. But it may be a good ideal even for a retail business such as your own. If someone is walking around and their phone is dying, they will notice your free charging service and take you up on it. Then, while they wait for their phone to charge, they will wander around your store which in many cases will ultimately lead to them buying something that they perhaps wouldn’t have before.

Be Active On Social Media

Having active social media accounts is important for any type of business, even retail! It is a great platform on which to post photos of new or special products, or to promote deals or sales. Increase your following by engaging with followers and with similar accounts, or folks that follow similar accounts. Just be sure to post daily, check and respond to messages, and keep your business hours updated! If it becomes too much of a time commitment for you to handle alone, you may even consider hiring a social media manager.

You don’t have to be super tech savvy to use technology to help grow your retail business. Just try these tips and see what they can do for you!