4 Safety Tips for Industrial Mixers


Industrial mixers are very powerful pieces of equipment. They are used in kitchens to prepare food, and they are found across a multitude of manufacturing industries. While they make life easier, they must be used with care.

Power Down

Every time you clean or service an industrial mixer, it shouldn’t only be turned off, but disconnected from its power source. Unless it is a part of a person’s assigned duties, such an undertaking should not be done without the permission and guidance of a supervisor.


All employees who work with the machines should receive thorough training. This isn’t just walking someone through how to perform the duties, but stepping back and supervising them until you are confident they are safe on their own.

Training on one kind of machine won’t necessarily cross over to another. For instance, what works for a ribbon mixer won’t always apply to a tumbler mixer, so make sure adequate training is given if someone has to switch from one to another.


These machines have moving parts that can be a hazard unless proper protections are put into place. Vats or tubs should always be covered, and at no time whatsoever should anyone reach into a machine before it has been properly powered down. There should be guards attached to the power source that, if triggered, the machine will automatically shut itself off.

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Documentation of training should be kept in an employee’s file. Other things to document are when machines are serviced. Details of repairs done, such as the dates and the names of the people repairing the machines should be written down. If there is any sort of official inspection, a written record of that should be kept as well.

By maintaining a safe work environment, you are ensuring the success of not just your employees, but your business itself.