4 Must-Have Apps for Exploring Your New Neighborhood


Before you purchase a new home, it’s vital to get acquainted with your surroundings and engage with your community. Arriving in a new location can be disorienting, and you might even feel isolated initially. However, a wide range of location-based apps can help you find quick ways to fit into a new community. Take a look at these four apps that will have you participating in neighborhood activities right away.



Just search for nearby businesses to get a handle on the resources that are easily available to you. Plug in a variety of search parameters so that you can see which resources are within walking distance. Examine customer reviews so that you can decide which yummy restaurants to try first. Yelp’s collection of user-submitted photos can help you quickly identify storefronts that you’re visiting for the first time. You can also use these galleries as a visual menu when you’re trying out new dishes.

Amazon Local

This Amazon service hosts a collection of astonishing local business deals. The savings benefit both you and the companies listed here, since they gain access to dozens of new introductions. Amazon Local can be configured to display local deals for a wide range of activities, such as spa days, wine tastings, workshops, and children’s activities. This can be a great way to get to know local businesses while sticking to a budget.

Craigslist Pro

Chances are, you’ll have a variety of items to sell or buy once you’ve finished moving. Craigslist Pro allows you to quickly post classified ads from your mobile device and set up automated notifications for when certain items are posted. If you’re patient, this can be a great way to deck out your new home with used furniture, appliances, and entertainment gadgets.

Adobe Overdrive

Check to see if your local library has a mobile app with eBook offerings. If so, download the app and link it with Adobe Overdrive. Now you’ll be able to download digital eBooks right through your local library account. Of course, you’ll need to go down to the library and apply for a card first!

Work closely with a knowledgeable real estate agent who can explain community benefits. In order to enjoy your new property, you must also enjoy the surrounding area. Get engaged with your future neighborhood by using these location-based apps, which allow you to learn about nearby businesses, sales, and shared community resources.