4 Awesome Automotive Technology Advancements For 2017

4 Awesome Automotive Technology Advancements For 2017

4 Awesome Automotive Technology Advancements For 2017

The North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan is just around the corner.  In January 2017 the world will watch the top automotive companies unveil the best of the best in automotive technology.

Last year’s Auto Show revealed such technological marvel concepts as a fully autonomous luxury car and a biometric vehicle access.  This sort of display is meant more to show where automotive technology is heading.  Here are a few of the top technological advances we can expect to experience in the new year physically.

Autonomous driving features

Parallel parking, dangerous city driving, and lane maintenance are all real capabilities of some vehicles in 2017.  Volvo has worked in tandem with Uber to release the first autonomous driving fleet to the public this year.

The first fleet will consist of several Volvo XC90s that will be supervised by a live person, but we are well on our way to autonomous public transportation systems.  2016’s automotive community saw the initial release of slow-speed brake automation, and the technology has only progressed in the last year.

Cameras and sensor technology

Ford’s Super Duty guidance camera systems add a new level of safety to big truck driving.  Maneuvering, towing, and hauling can now be monitored from a 360-degree high definition camera view.  As many as seven cameras work together to provide drivers with a complete visual of their surroundings.

An electric eye may be kept on traveling cargo, a rear reverse guidance system, and even an extra camera for the driver to place is the new Super Duty surveillance standard.  Be the talk of the town while visiting the Ford Plantation in Savannah, Georgia for 2017 and roll up in style.

Active Keys

Keyless entry has been taken to a new level by Jaguar.  The Jaguar F-Pace Activity Key outplays the standard keyless entry fob.  The Activity Key is a wristband similar to a Fitbit that wears like a wristwatch and is waterproof.  No more losing the keys while swimming with friends or hiking trails in the rugged wilderness.

Safety features and systems

Safety features have reached a new dimension with technology leading the way.  Volvo S90 and V90 models come equipped with lane mitigation security systems.  Volvo adds to the standard lane departure technology with automated corrective steering and braking when the driver is not responding quickly enough to warning factors.

These models also come equipped with large animal detection.  It is not a hunting tool, but an added safety mechanism.   As an addition to the automaker’s City Safety System, it assists motorists in avoiding large wildlife that may be obstructing the road ahead.  The system will first warn the driver of the animal’s standing and then apply the brakes, if necessary.