4 Apps That Keep You Up-to Date on the Legal System


If you’re a law student or if you simply want to understand the legal system, you’ll want to gather all the resources you can. Information about most aspects of life can be accessed through a smart phone, and the law is no exception.

Here are four apps for smart devices that can help you navigate the legal system, whether you’re looking for a definition of an unfamiliar term or trying to find out the latest changes in the law.

1. Black’s Law Dictionary

This application is one of the best resources for law students, lawyers and anyone else interested in legal terminology. This program is available for the iPhone, iPad and now for Android devices as well. If you need to use legal terms for any situation, this dictionary will provide you with clear, accurate definitions.

2. The Constitution of the United States

This application contains the complete text of the U.S. Constitution. It also includes a table of contents, an index and an audio version as well. This program also provides information about what can happen if basic laws are disregarded.

3. Legal Edge

This local news application provides updates, case filings and news alerts from many different sources. You can keep current on many areas of the law, such as real estate, banking and finances. This handy little program puts a lot of what you need to know, right at your fingertips.

4. LawStack

This program is a boon for law students or new attorneys. It not only includes the U.S. Constitution, but also the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Appellate Procedure and the Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure. This program also includes information about other procedures and laws to help you determine what is applicable in various courts and what could lead to a dismissal.

There are many situations that call for the advice of a legal professional, such as how to handle traffic violations without setting yourself up for future legal difficulties. Keep in mind that an app is not a good substitute for advice from a licensed attorney.

But if you’re a law student or you simply have an interest in the legal system, these four applications can help you quickly find the information or updates you need.