3 Ways to Help Launch A Skin Care Product or Supplement on a Private Label

3 Ways to Help Launch A Skin Care Product or Supplement on a Private Label

In business, launching a product and choosing the right time to do it is incredibly important. That is, when you have conducted sufficient research and development and produced a product ready for market that boasts the kinds of ingredients, in the case of skin care products and supplements, that will excite consumers. There are companies online that can help support you with Private Label Supplements. Branded products get noticed but it is the private labels that need a helping hand to gain exposure to customers within a crowded marketplace and to become someone’s everyday product.

3 Ways to Help Launch A Skin Care Product or Supplement on a Private Label

Help with Private Labels

So, rather than go it alone, it makes sense to enlist the help of a company that can assist with the launch of your product. This will help you with branding, your own branding, and with marketing the product. That is the four p’s – product, place, price, and promotion. Product being whether your product is ready in terms of its development and the unique selling points that it offers. Place relating to selling your product in places where it is most likely to be sought after. For instance, the gender likely to visit a certain place and whether different customs around the world change things. Price is about setting the level right so that you have a margin of profit but not enough to put your target consumers off buying it on a regular basis. It is no use them buying it once to try it, you want repeat purchases to sustain your business. Lastly, promotion which is targeted to the size of audience that you can effectively maintain supplies to. If you have the production capacity, then it can be at an international level, with online campaigns capable of promoting products worldwide. Businesses can either survive on selling less high-end products or more low value items.

Market Research

It is useful to have conducted effective market research before a product launch. You will then know just who to target with your product. This will provide invaluable information for the company helping you with your launch, allowing them to fully utilise their expertise in this area to help you.

The market research is something that you can do for yourself. Start with your family or friends. Would they buy your skin care product? Would it be out of curiosity or because they would consider using it on a regular basis? The more universal a product, the more people will use it. But then, you will find yourself in more of a crowded marketplace to sell it. A bespoke product that is entirely unique will immediately create interest if branded and targeted correctly.

For some views on marketing trends, you might find the attached article of interest. It should also be noted that the same companies who can help with your product launch, can also help you with marketing research if it is not your thing.



Always play on the features of a product. That is, the benefits they offer customers. In the case of skin care, this might be how it keeps the skin moist and stops it drying out. How it prevents or irons out wrinkles and protects against premature ageing of the skin. Whether the product smells nice, feels comfortable, and is easy to use. It might be how kind to the skin the product is. That is, in relation to those susceptible to skin rashes, irritations of the skin, or who suffer from skin allergies. Cost will always be a factor. If you can make your product more cost effectively than another, and so sell it for notably less on the shelves (or through an online store), than your competitors, then you are entering a win-win situation. Your product also needs to have something special about it that makes others want to make the change and buy yours, rather than carry on using their regular tried and tested brand. Environmental concerns will attract a good many to a product and can result in them being willing to pay more for it in return. It is good to have a feature that people will pay more for having. It can also provide the focus for a marketing campaign. 

In summary, we can launch any product with the help of a specialist company. Focusing on skin products, we can have help with the branding and marketing of our private labels. Our own, or the market research of others, into what skin care products customers already use coupled with their desire for new ones, will provide knowledge that the specialist company can make use of in tailoring our product to a specific and effective launch campaign. We should consider carefully all the features that our product has to offer, as it is those that will ultimately sell it and keep people wanting to apply it to their skin or take it in the form of supplements.