3 Tips for Extending Your Mobile Phone’s Battery Life


There will come a time in everyone’s life where they wish their phone battery could last just a little bit longer. Whether you’re out on the road and want some assurances in case your car breaks down or you’re about to reach a new level at the mobile game you’ve been playing, having even a few more minutes left in your battery life can be imperative. Luckily, there are a few things you can do that will help you elongate that battery life and make better use of whatever battery life you do happen to have. To show you exactly how, here are three tips for extending your mobile phone’s battery life.

Keep Your Screen Dim

One of the biggest drains on your phone battery is the screen. When the screen is bright, not only are you using an insane amount of your battery to keep it lit at the level, but you also could potentially be putting more strain on your eyes than is necessary. To help with this, Brian X. Chen, a contributor to the New York Times, recommends that you try to keep your screen at a minimum brightness for you to actually be using it. Especially if you spend most of your time inside, this should be easy. For those who are in fluctuating brightness throughout the day, use your phone’s auto-brightness mode so it will get bright if it needs to but will stay dim when it can, saving you a lot of battery power.

Take Care When Charging

How you charge your battery can have a big impact on its overall life and ability to hold its charge for an extended period of time. According to Jacob Kleinman, a contributor to MindFloss.com, just because your phone has a fast charging feature doesn’t mean you should use it if you don’t have to. Doing this too often can wear down your battery. Also, don’t keep your phone plugged into the charge once it’s reached a full charge. This can also hurt your battery life in the long run.

Close Apps You’re Not Using

Another thing that can use a lot of your phone’s power is running apps. Now, if you’re using an app, of course you want it up and open. However, many people keep apps running on their phone when they’re not actually in use. According to Jim Martin, a contributor to Tech Advisor, these background apps suck up a lot of your phone’s battery. So to keep from wasting your battery on things you’re not even using, make sure you close out apps once you’re finished with them.

If you want to keep your battery functioning well in the future, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you take better care of your cell phone battery.