3 Tech Degrees Where You Could Make Bank


Each and every year presents new and exciting advances in the world. As those advances evolve, there is a very prevalent need for people who are educated in the application of this new knowledge.

Especially in the technology field. Over the past few decades, new tech has flooded the market and continues to change the face of humanity with each new invention. With that said, colleges have had to adjust.

New majors seem to make their debut ever so often. Having a degree in these breakout sciences can be lucrative, as well. Below are three that could make your banker happy to see you coming to deposit your paycheck.

Software Engineering

How many of you use any Windows products? How about Turbotax or Quickbooks? These are all software programs. Things like the mouse, hard drive, processor, and the keyboard and screen are all considered hardware.

They are the parts of your computer that you can place your hands on and fix with tangible tools like a screwdriver or soldering iron. Software programs are what you use to interact with your computer, the way you speak to your computer, if you will.

Want to write a paper? You will more than likely take advantage of the software program Microsoft Word. Need to remember that doctor’s appointment for next week? You might use the calendar on your cell phone to help.

As a software engineer, you will not only be able to maintain and fix programs like these, you will help create them. These programs come in handy in the business and personal world. Imagine saving lives just by creating a software program that helps hospitals run a smoother more efficient business. For doing that, you could earn around $95,000 a year.

Game Design

This major really needs no introduction. The gaming community is creating its own way of life. In the gaming world, gamers enjoy their own language, code of conduct, and style. It really has become a stand-alone culture.

With that said, the only way to perpetuate this competitive universe is for there to be a steady stream of new incoming games. Enter the accomplished game designer. With a degree in game design, you have the privilege of creating the newest addictive shooter or strategy game.

As much as people use games for stress relief these days, you could go to bed at night satisfied that you might have helped a single mom chill out after she missed work again to take care of a sick kid. For doing that, you could earn $150,000 a year!

Computer Programming

Have you ever tried to speak computer? Since the invention of computers, there have been several languages that only computers and computer programmers can understand. These languages tell the hardware how to run the several hundred programs that it can take to make your laptop, desktop, tablet, or cell phone work correctly.

Some older languages include DOS, Linux, and Cobalt. Today, programmers must know SQL, Java, Javascript, C++, Python, and PHP, among others. They may not be the Spanish and French you learned in high school, but making them your secondary language could earn you a little over $130,000 a year. Take a look at Intellipaat’s Microsoft SQL certification and other tech courses to upgrade your skills.

Having a college education is becoming more and more necessary to make a good living. If you have an affinity for the world of technology, why not give one of these majors a try.