3 Fantastic Ways You Can Make Use of an Expired Domain


3 Fantastic Ways You Can Make Use of an Expired Domain

Lately there has been a strong interest in buying of expired domains. This is mainly because you can get great returns from an expired domain either in terms of link building or starting a website on an already established domain. There are so many benefits of these expired items. Actually, domains are probably the only items that you can use even when they are expired. However, it is not just any expired domain that will do the trick. There is no shortage of these domains. Buying a good domain will do you great when it comes to search engine optimization.

Expired domains are not sold at a fixed price. There are some domains that are very cheap and others are even more costly than a brand new car; selling at prices   nearing $50k. If you are going to pay this much then you have to be sure that you are getting something fantastic. A good domain site will help to improve the performance of your current website (through links). There are many articles available online to guide you on how to select the domain you should purchase.

Using the domain

Once you have bought that domain, how will you use it? This is the problem that many people normally have when they buy the expired domains. There are a number of options available for you to get this done though.

  1. 301 Redirection

The simplest way and least time consuming route to take is to 301 redirect this domain to your existing site. Of course this will obviously work best if your site and the domain you have bought are in the same sector and they have the same target keywords. Essentially, it is not all dropped domain namesthat will work for your site. For instance you are selling birthday party supplies but you want to buy a gambling site- the search engines will be a bit concerned.

  1. Create micro-site linking to your website

This is going to be a little bit difficult than the 301 redirect. Basically you will do a mini overhaul of the site and convert it into a micro-site for your main website. This is great if the old domain you are modifying has a decent ranking for the various keywords that you are targeting. Generally this is a great option especially where search engine optimization is in question.

  1. Total overhaul of the site

The third option is one that is going to take a really good amount of time. You will do a complete modification of the domain you have bought. It is just like owning a restaurant and then buying another one then operating them simultaneously. They are not the same restaurant but they are both popular in their own ways and they make money for you. In the case of the old domain you will update its content and then sell similar products to those that you are offering on your current site. If you are able to get both sites to rank alongside each other on the SERPs then the conversion rates will potentially rise as well.

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