3 Essentials for an Organized Garage

3 Essentials for an Organized Garage

Garages are frequently the boon of a homeowner’s organizational plan. They’re often a catch-all place for seasonal storage, hobby gear and household tools, often leaving little room for project space or parking your car. If you’d like to take your garage from cluttered to collected, here are a few essential strategies to make that happen.

3 Essentials for an Organized Garage

Moveable Furniture

To get the most out of your garage space, it’s helpful to turn your existing furniture (workbenches, shelving units, etc) into mobile furniture. To make this happen, simply add heavy duty casters to the base of your garage pieces. This allows you to open up the garage space as needed, or tuck everything away when not in use. You’ll be amazed at just how much more versatile this makes your space.

Wall Hooks

Yard tools, garden hoses, bicycles and other large items take up valuable floor and shelf space in a garage. Free up a little room by simply mounting them on the wall instead. Not only will these materials be out of the way, but they’ll be much easier to find when you need them. Be sure to secure the wall hooks appropriately by attaching them to a wall stud, or use special alternative hardware for mounting hooks in concrete or masonry walls. If you have a lot of smaller items to hang, repurpose a coat rack or other hooked organizer such as a jewelry organizer to keep items such as cables in order and in easy reach.

Storage Solutions

If you find you still have a lot of clutter lying around, reevaluate your existing storage solutions. Do you need additional storage bins to contain everything? Is there enough shelving to accommodate all of your boxes and bins? Does every item in your garage have a “home” to be stored in? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” consider purchasing additional items to corral all of your belongings. Try labeling bins and shelves so that everything makes it back into its original container or location after use. This is especially helpful if multiple people will be utilizing the space on a regular basis.

If you’re looking to make your garage a little more pleasant space to use, consider working on your organizational game with some of these tips. A little bit of time invested in cleaning and rearranging can help improve your garage’s functionality and make you look forward to using the space for your next project.