10 Facts about Sprains : How Long Do They Last ?


A sprain is resulted from a ligament tearing or stretching. A fibrous connection that joins two bones together in a joint. An excellent example of a sprain in your body is at the ankle. The sprains might occur wholly or partially, and it can affect more than one ligament. A sprain could be mild or severe, and also it happens in the arms and legs. Signs of a sprain differ according to its severity, and they are; swelling, unstable joint on the specific region, bruises, and the joints do not move freely. 

So, for how long does a sprain last? A mild sprain may take a short time to heal, like eight weeks; on the other hand, severe sprains will take a longer time to heal, like months. Recovery also varies from one person to another.

10 Facts about Sprains

  1. If you are experiencing pain in your ankle, you should be on the lookout because this might be an ankle sprain. In case there is an ankle sprain in our body, one feels pain, then inflammation and swelling occur. To ease the pain and swelling, rub the area with something cold.
  1. The human ankle is mostly sprained internally within their body without necessarily experiencing any pressure from outside.
  1. An ankle sprains mostly twist inwardly in people since the ankle joint is linked to ligaments. So the joint can easily be ripped, and as a result, there is inflammation and bruises on the ankle.
  1. A large number of people encounter ankle sprains every day. Surprisingly, ankle sprains are very frequent in humans, and you must contact a professional orthopaedic immediately you experience any injury.
  1. In most cases, if a person gets an ankle sprain, the linking ligaments might also be injured as well. Ligaments usually link two bones together, so when an ankle twists, thus getting out of its exact position, a sprain at the ankle then occurs.
  1. You are not advised to apply the hot liquid on the injured region. Because heat from the hot liquid accelerates blood flow, which results in more swelling and pain, on the contrary, use a piece of cloth to wrap an ice pack and then rub against the affected area, thus decreasing the pain and swelling.
  1. Three symptoms demonstrate that you might probably be experiencing ankle sprain. They include internal bleeding resulting in discolored skin, inflammation, limited movement or limping, a particular sound is a heart at the joint like a pop sound, and pain at the joint.
  2. Avoid assuming pain in the ankle. Because it could be severe, so consult an expert orthopedic, and they will prescribe the appropriate medication to use in treating an ankle sprain. 
  1. An ankle sprain is not a permanent experience; you will persevere the pain for a short period. Face the challenge courageously, follow your doctor’s prescriptions accordingly, and the fragile ankle will recover with time.
  1. 10How long does a sprain last? That depends on how severe the sprain is and the kind of treatment that is administered to you. But it is wise to seek for doctor’s examination and treatment before they can tell how long it will take for you to resume your normal state. 


Your health matters a lot; we are all usually excited when none of us experiencing any illness. Everybody likes to live life with no diseases. Your health is your priority. Hence, you should consult your doctor whenever you feel something unusual at your ankle. Additionally, see a doctor if you’re experiencing pain at the bones next to the injured joint, can barely move, or feel numbness at the damaged joint.