100% Working Fixes for Error Code 0x0 0x0

100% Working Fixes for Error Code 0x0 0x0

You might have seen the error code 0x0 0x0 at least once if you are using Windows 11. It is a pretty common and simple error that scares people. This blog post discusses the different ways you can use to solve this issue.

What is error code 0x0 0x0?

Before getting into how to solve this issue, let’s learn the what and why of the issue.

Error 0x0 is a very common error that occurs when Windows is not able to access a certain file or a program. It can also occur due to hardware problems and a lack of memory in the computer.

100% Working Fixes for Error Code 0x0 0x0

Why does it happen?

While it is hard to zero in on the reason for the issue, as a variety of reasons can cause this issue, there are some common reasons. One of the following reasons may be the reason why you are encountering this error:

  • Incorrectly installed programs
  • Corrupted/missing system files
  • Incorrect installation of beta OS
  • Outdated device drivers
  • Malware

How to solve this issue?

The much-awaited part of the blog post. The following are some of the ways you can solve this issue:

  • Restart your computer
  • Update drivers
  • SFC tool
  • Shutdown conflicting programs
  • Perform a clean boot
  • Rollback the Windows update
  • Run the DISM tool

Restart your computer

Sometimes the most simple fix is the best fix. Something as simple as restarting your computer can fix the error code 0x0 0x0.

When you restart the computer, it clears up the issue by closing the files that may be causing the issue temporarily.

So, try restarting your computer before trying the other methods. It can save you a lot of time.

Update drivers

Another common reason for the error code 0x0 0x0 is outdated drivers. Check whether all drivers are up to date. If not, update your drivers. Don’t know how to do that? Just follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open the start menu and type device manager or right click on the start menu and select device manager

Step 2: Click expand on important drivers to see the full list

Step 3: Now right click on the driver you want to update and left click on the update driver option

Now your drivers will be updated. The issue will be resolved if it is caused by outdated drivers. This is also a simple fix to the error.

SFC tool

Remember that the error code 0x0 0x0 can be caused by corrupt or missing files? Well, this step can fix that issue.

System File Checker is an amazing tool that checks for corrupt and missing files and fixes them.

It is pretty easy to run the SFC tool. Just follow the below steps:

Step 1: Right click on the start menu or press Win key + X and select terminal (Admin) from the menu

Step 2: You will see a dialog box. Press yes and the command prompt will open now

Step 3: In the command prompt type the following: sfc/scannow and press enter

Step 4: Now the system will check for corrupt and missing files. It may take a while

Step 5: After finishing, close the command prompt and restart your computer

Hopefully, you won’t see the error now. If you are still seeing it move on to the next method.

Shutdown conflicting programs

Conflicting programs running at the same time might cause the error, as both programs will try to take more resources. Closing these programs can help. Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Open the task manager any way you would like. My favorite way is by pressing ctrl + alt + del. It is fun.

Step 2: Click on the processes menu and analyze the programs that are running

Step 3: Right click on the program you want to close and click on the end task option.

Perform a clean boot

This is a bit of a long step. But by the end of this step, you can definitely zero in on the problem. Performing a clean boot helps you find the core of the problem by eliminating third-party softwares. Follow the below steps to perform a clean boot:

Step 1: Open the run command window by pressing the win key + R

Step 2: Now type the command msconfig to open the system configuration

Step 3: Click on the services button

Step 4: Check the hide all Microsoft services box in the bottom left corner

Step 5: Now click on the disable all button

Step 6: After step 5 move to the startup section and open the task manager

Step 7: Click on programs one by one and disable all

Step 8: Now restart your computer

Step 9: If you don’t see the error code anymore, try turning on the programs one by one and find out which program is causing the problem

Rollback the Windows update

If all the above methods fail, let’s try the Hail Mary method. A simple method. Just roll back the latest Windows update. You could be seeing this error code because of a Windows update. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step 1: Open settings. You can do this by opening the start menu and clicking on settings. Or you can simply press the win key + I

Step 2: Once you open the settings option, click on the Windows update

Step 3: Scroll down and select the update history option

Step 4: See the update dates and find the recent update. Click Uninstall

Step 5: Restart your computer

Let’s hope this method works for your mental health’s sake. Not being able to clear an error can be really frustrating. Trust me, I know.

Wrapping up

Error code 0x0 0x0 is a pretty harmless but pretty common error. Do not panic if you see this error. Most of the time, you can fix this issue by restarting the computer. If restarting doesn’t work, one of the above methods will.

The above methods are pretty simple and anyone can easily do it by following the steps. Hope one of the methods listed in this post helped you solve the error code 0x0 0x0.

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