How Desirable are Automated Homes?

automated homes

Recently, the most expensive home in UK history sold, and it was largely because of home automation. Granted, it was a gorgeous home to begin with, but it was the high tech features and sheer amount of home automation that really made the sell. As home automation becomes more common and the kinks are worked […]

EaseUS Partition Master Review


Despite having simplified in all of upcoming Operating System, Partition Management is considerably a geeky-job for almost every normal PC user, particularly when they hear about the process. A few days before, a friend had a doubt on how to extend C Drive in Windows 7, as he needed to install some heavy programmes. However, […]

Investing In A Good Infrastructure Is Important For Large Businesses

Technology has advanced incredibly rapidly over the last few decades, but in many companies, the cabling infrastructure has unfortunately struggled to keep up. And an inability to transfer data fast enough can hinder competitiveness in some industries – to take one extreme example, look at the attention paid to this issue within the financial trading […]

Hacks for Saving a Pretty Penny on Smartphones

smart phones

Are you tired of hearing about how your friend scored the exact same phone as you for half the price? Does the thought of spending hours performing online research on bargain sites make you feel exhausted before you being? The reality is that if you spend 24 hours doing research, but only save a hundred […]

Mobile Apps That Help You Queue Up Social Media Posts

mobile apps

Social media marketing requires a high level of attention, effort, and dedication. People who write social media posts are responsible for a company’s brand image and public relations. Since social media efforts can run daily without interruption, you might find it challenging to stick to a schedule. Luckily, post queue apps allow you to load […]

4 Examples When Tech May Be Just Too Small

It was intended as a joke when Zoolander used a tiny smartphone “of the future,” but the reality is that technology is, indeed, shrinking at an astounding rate. Sometimes it disappears all together, as with cloud technology. At other times it’s so minute that it’s begging to get lost. Falling through the cracks is a […]