Link Your Small Business To The World

If you’ve recently become the proud owner of your own small business, you’ve got a lot to celebrate. There are not many people in the world who can persevere long enough to make all of their sweat, toil, and hard work pay off. You’re a member of a very rare breed, and you deserve respect […]

TinyOwl Android App- A Complete Unbiased Review

After the launch of number of shopping apps for goods and accessories, you can now easily order online the delicious and yummy food from your favorite restaurant. All thanks to TinyOwl food delivery app. TinyOwl app had made it possible for the busy people to order the delicious food from the restaurants to their home […]

Online Marketing 101

Online Marketing 101

Infographic brought to you by Wrike – Project Management Software For Mac

Why Consider Using a VPN on Your Smartphone?


As technology progresses and smaller computer parts are available, the line between smartphone and computer becomes thinner and thinner. Often people will no longer bring laptops around with them, as their basic tasks can be accomplished with their phones. Of course, as this technology progresses, so do the opportunities for criminal activity, as the data […]

What is the Difference Between an In Memory Relational Database and a Hybrid Relational Database

What is the Difference Between an In Memory Relational Database and a Hy...

As in-memory database solution providers rush to market to provide the enterprise with big data solutions so that companies can make smart decisions about their businesses, many vendors are coming to the table with a variety of offerings from in-memory computing to hybrid products.  Sometimes the terms and acronyms can be confusing so let’s take […]

Make your store as secure as a safe


Have you ever thought about your Magento store security? More and more sites, including those on Magento are hacked today. And guess what? The most widespread reason is nonchalance of their owners. They use simple passwords, store them in easily accessible places, send via different messengers… In this article you will find some basic techniques […]