Mobikwik an all in one Online Recharge site: My Experience

26-07-2014 18-02-43

Almost a Decade with Online Recharge I don’t remember the last time I went to a retail store to recharge my phone, I have been using online recharging medium since my collage days. The reason being it’s very easy, its saves my precious time and lastly and most importantly I don’t have to keep cash. [...]

Boost Your Internet Speed with These Tips

internet speed

Everyone wants to get the most out of their Internet connection. Sometimes there are factors out of our control, such as the speed from your Internet service provider. However, there are certain things you can do at home to get the fastest speed possible. Before you start, make sure you get a benchmark speed by [...]

Don’t Leave Technology At Home When Going Camping

mobile phone

Technology evolves at a rate that is really impressive at the moment. We are faced with a world of opportunities and what we only dreamed about a few years ago is now possible. Just a couple of years ago those that wanted to go camping realized that they need to leave their phones and laptops [...]

Technology for Living, Playing and Working

technology for living

From everyday living to modern industry, technological geniuses continue inventing devices, gadgets and machinery that help people complete common tasks more efficiently. In many different locations around the world, there are individuals on a mission to improve the way we live, play and work. Cover Blubbers Food containers, aluminum foil and plastic wrap are found [...]

Why HR Software is Lagging Behind : Tech Tips

hr software

It’s easy to get stuck in a rut, and if you work in HR for a well established company that’s “always been doing things this way,” you might be struggling and have more work than necessary. Just because your HR department has “always” used software X or an old school approach to document management doesn’t [...]

5 Home Entertainment Considerations You Should Study as a Family

Families have access to an amazing array of home entertainment options, which include specialty streaming, cable, gaming, and music services. The digital era gives us access to a wide variety of niche entertainments, and that allows family members to explore a diverse range of media all at once. However, making use of them can add [...]