5 Best Apps for Lawyers


There’s an app for every industry, and for those in the legal field there are never enough hours in the day. Getting the right apps can make it seem like you have more time, which optimizes your work load and better serves your clients. Start by downloading GoodReader, which allows easy access and syncing of […]

5 Reasons Small Business Owners Need A Tablet


When an entrepreneur decides to launch a new business, or make an existing venture more successful, there are many advantages to bringing a personal tablet into the mix. Small business owners need a tablet now more than ever, in order to store relevant data, stay on top of trends, participate in e-Commerce and social media, […]

No More Frustrated Customers With Smart Customer Service Software


Every large corporation typically has a customer care center full of representatives outfitted with headsets and computer screens. Each call creates a new screen, telling the representative what to say at certain points. However, consumers have discovered this script, abhorring its impersonal feel. With today’s smart customer service software, conversations are more natural and productive […]

Business Information Security in the Digital Age


The recent flurry of hacking attacks reported in the national news has put a new focus of businesses and their ability to protect their information systems. This is not just for companies that operate purely online. A lack of security can can even include an open WiFi access point to a retail business data system. […]

Texting the Patient Communication of the Future Infographic

EaseUS Partitioning Master Free – Best Tools for Partitioning

Hard drive sizes are skyrocketing with turning MBs into GBs and lots of more spaces are becoming vacant with everyday PC usage. Organizing files and folders can be a lot difficult if you don’t have separate drives for your works or entertainment purposes. It can also save you data loss if you only focus all […]